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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Traveling on a holiday and my husband, the hero!

Traveling home from St. Louis was crazy. It took us 9 hours to make a trip that is normally 6 hours. The extra time was NOT taken up by kid trips, but by crazy amounts of traffic and construction backups. The way there on Thanksgiving day took 7 hours. We lost an hour at the beginning of the trip to stopping at a toll booth - traffic was basically at a standstill. We lost an hour on the way home to the same toll booth, but it was near the end of the trip. We lost another hour to a construction merge. The other hour was lost (I think) to the lines at all bathroom stops.

At one such bathroom stop, the bathrooms had clearly not been serviced for awhile and two of the four stalls in the ladies' room was out of toilet paper. As I finished, the third was running out, but many of the women were holding new rolls to restock the various stalls. As Rose and I got outside, Glenn and Ivy were standing there waiting for us. Glenn asked if I was a beneficiary of his largesse and I was confused. Apparently, one woman had asked him if the mens' room had extra toilet paper, so he went back into the bathroom to check. He asked and one man chuckled that there was barely none in his stall and the other man handed out a wad of paper. Glenn passed the paper on to the women and saw the door marked "Attendants Only". Assuming the door was locked, he tried the door and the handle didn't turn. However, he was able to push on the door and it opened. Grabbing several rolls of paper, he passed them out to both the women and the men (giving less to the men). I had heard one woman saying that it was "like Christmas", which Glenn found very amusing since he was wearing a red shirt. So many women were happy about having toilet paper to use, it made me feel very proud that my husband had caused so much joy for so many other women - especially since my stall had enough.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

How life has changed

When I was a stay at home mom, I had my computer on all day constantly checking email and I was chatting with friends. Today, I got home from work, changed clothes, grabbed a snack and headed out to foam fighting. I got home at 10:00 pm and ate dinner (yeah, I know, late). I finally booted my computer up at around 10:20 pm to check email and surf a bit. I feel a bit disconnected from the life I used to know. I truely miss a few friends who I talked to daily and saw weekly. Now I am lucky if I see them once or twice a month.

My body has gotten used to working, although I am still very tired. Working out is helping as well, as I am feeling a bit better. I wanted to make a short post before heading to bed (I caught another cold and need the rest).