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Friday, September 23, 2005

Fever revisited

I get one kid healthy and the other one gets sick. Today, Ivy missed school with a fever. This morning it was 102, so I gave her ibuprofin. Today when I got home from work, I took her temp again and it was 104, so more ibuprofin. Once again, Glenn and I split the day with him working in the morning and me in the afternoon.

We have a wedding to attend in Chicago tomorrow. I hope Ivy is well enough for us to go. Also, I had planned to make myself a new dress for this outing, but I have not been able to find the time to do the sewing to get it done. I am not sure I will have time tonight or tomorrow before we leave either.

I have been asked to come into work on Sunday. This is causing me some stress as we have the afforementioned wedding and I am not sure how tired I will be on Sunday or when I will be available for work. But we could really use the money from me working - especially since I missed two half days this week. I am not on top of how much time I worked this week, so I am not sure how much of a full week I am short.

Update: Ivy's fever responded to ibuprofin. She fell asleep as it was taking effect and is sweating like crazy. She babbled a few incoherent things when I took her temperature, but then fell back asleep.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Life & Work: One week later

Things are still rough. My legs still complain daily. Sunday morning I woke with a very major charley horse in my calf. Apparently I was screaming incoherently while Glenn was trying to figure out what was wrong. The guys keep telling me that this will stop soon enough and my legs will be very toned - I guess that is a benefit.

Rose had a fever today, so Glenn and I split taking time off. He worked in the morning and I in the afternoon. It was a slow day at work for me, allowing me to learn a few new things and get a good project completely done. I think Rose will be ok. I am hoping the fever is gone tomorrow, I really need to put in as many full days as possible before leaving next week on unpaid vacation.

We have a wedding to attend this weekend and I would like to make a dress. I got it cut out last night and now I just need to sew it. However, I am out of energy tonight and quickly running out of time.

The kids got a new bed delivered today. They got snazzy new bunk beds to replace their old bunk beds. They used to have a bed with a twin bed on top and a double bed on the bottom. We had purchased it used from another friend, so it was getting a bit tired. I was afraid the bands holding the upper mattress aloft were going to give way soon. The new bed is more of a traditional bunk bed and this one can be changed to be two twin beds instead of bunk beds. This new bed has a top bunk that is about 6 inches higher than the old bed. It seems very high to me, but I will get used to it. I just have the irrational fear that a child will fall off of it. They probably won't, but I still worry.

Update I must apologize, but I turned on "word verification for comments". You will need to type in the slightly obscured word to comment on my blog. The last several times I posted an update, I immediately got comment spam.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Working full time

I started working full time last Thursday. Rose is now in Montessori school. After not working full time in about 7 years, this is quite a change.

The girls and I get up at 7 am to start our day. This is quite a change for all of us. Glenn is getting up earlier when he can and getting out the door pretty quickly. We are all tired, but adjusting.

Things are going well. I am told that in a few weeks, my legs will stop burning from standing all day. One of the guys I work with described this feeling as his "legs being dipped in acid" when he started. The shoes I bought last November to work part time are shot. Today I purchased some gel insoles, and I will see if they help out my legs.

For the last two days, I have had things to attend in the evenings, so that I arrive home after the children are in bed. This is very strange for me. I saw them for an hour in the morning and then for ~10 minutes in the evening and that is it. For someone who a week ago was spending almost 24 hours a day with one of her kids, barely seeing them for two days is a bit strange. Maybe I will get used to all of this. And no, not every day will be ones where I do not see them, but even on "normal" days, I get home from work at 7:15 pm and they go to bed at 8:30 pm. That is not a huge amount of time either.

I guess what I am saying is that I miss my kids. I knew this was going to be a significant issue of going to work full time, but work was necessary, so "Hi ho, Hi ho..."

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Children's games and current events

This morning a friend hosted a brunch for all of us to get together to visit with another friend who was in from out of town. The kids were all playing in the backyard in the pool. Our kids didn't have bathing suits along since we were leaving early, but most of the other kids did.

The kids came up with a game. One kid would stand with the hose and be the "water goddess". This goddess would spray the other kids or withhold the water at their whim. Interestingly, the kids were calling this water goddess "Katrina". Talk about a current events-inspired game. Clearly, they were influenced by what they have been seeing and hearing.

Now, I did not actually witness this game, it was reported to me by other adults there. When questioned about the game, Ivy told me she had been the goddess, but the goddess didn't have a name. My reports from the other adults were that the other kids definitely were using the name. Interestingly, Ivy has not seen much news and I know that the other kids involved have the news on every morning while they wait for the bus (for the time). I wonder how much the news exposure influenced the game.